DomainTroop domains are assets, therefore you can get money back for them when you no longer use the domain name. This program is a first in the industry and only obtainable at DomainTroop.

As part of the domain investment programme, DomainTroop will accept back your domain name including the website, and refund money paid for the domain name less 35%. The 35% covers the administrative costs and agency fees.

On the other hand, you may decide to sell the domain and website assets on our marketplace, in which case we will still take 35% however you may get above or below what you originally paid for the domain name depending on how much it sold for.

If at any time you are retiring, or moving on to other things, just know that you have some money to make from your domain name. Domain names that are valuable and useful will always be purchased, it is only a matter of time and price.

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